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Kimia Saadat Iranian


Kimia Saadat Iranian has been a strong advocate of farmers since its establishment. We are determined to facilitate farming with the introduction of safe, effective and top quality pesticides and fertilizers to the market. We are committed to enhance lives and lands through the application of knowledge and experience of our professional staff, exploiting the latest technological advances, technical knowledge and advanced machinery.

The company has achieved extreme success in manufacturing and formulating the following pesticide and fertilizer groups:

  Insecticide       Herbicide      Fungicide       Acaricide      Petroleum     oils 

  Lquid Single Nutrient Fertilizer

  Complete fertilizers with micronutrient mixture

  Liquid multinutrient fertilizers







کیمیای سعادت ایرانیان

Kimia Saadat Iranian
تولیدکننده سموم دفع آفات نباتی وکودهای آلی و شیمیایی
زنبق طلایی ایرانیان
Zanbagh Talaii Iranian
واردکننده آفتکش های شیمیایی آماده مصرف
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